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"We must first of its profits", technology is the basis of survival, while efficiency is the magic of win. The advanced equipment can help the smooth implementation of the whole process and technology, and thus makes a solid foundation for the products quality to strengthen the enterprise’s core competitiveness. The company has invested heavily to introduce German TBT and IXION gun drill machine tools, Supfina high-precision grinders, American Extrude Hone extrusion and abrasion mill, Nomylino machine tools of Sweden UVA Corporation, center hole seat grinders of U80 machine tool, Swiss high-precision grinder, Plsalux nozzle driller and micro pore electric spark processing machine tool, English Talyrond cylindricity measuring equipment, Talyrond surface profilmeter and other high refined and advanced equipment, which greatly increase product quality and shorten the work cycle.
  • Function Test
    Function Test
  • Function Test Injector
    Function Test Injector
  • Diesel engine test bench
    Diesel engine test bench
  • Nozzle Test Bench
    Nozzle Test Bench